Pomegranates for cold climate

The Pomegranate is one of the most ancient fruit that is cultivated today. It is native to the Middle East and central Asia. It is considered a sub tropical fruit; however it is widely adaptable to many climates.
The Spanish explorers brought the Pomegranates to the Caribbean and it adapted well to tropical climate. In the United States it grows well in California and other warm parts of the country zone 8 and warmer. Here in our garden I have evaluated several varieties of Pomegranates but only a few had survived the harsh winters in ground. I’m currently growing two varieties successfully, and one has been fruiting annually. It is an ongoing process of evaluating different varieties for cold hardiness.
Among the best candidates of Pomegranates varieties for cold climate are those collected from Central Asian countries, such as Salavatski, Kazakhe, and several others.
Salavatski variety did not only survive the past 5 winters unprotected, but it also has been setting a crop of delicious pomegranates. There are several other varieties I have been evaluating. You can visit our store for the available pomegranate varieties we currently have.

Salavatski has very delicious flavor with the right balance of sweetness and acidity.


My pomegranate came today -

My pomegranate came today - that was quick, thanks!

Any particular advice, instructions or websites to visit to keep this little beauty healthy?


Glad it arrived well. You

Glad it arrived well. You received the Salavatski Pomegranate which is one of the most cold hardy of all pomegranates. It should do well in your area of zone 6.
Once your tree is acclimated to the current weather, you can plant in full sun. Planting in a sheltered spot is beneficial in your cold area. Enjoy it and keep us posted.

My little Salavatski

My little Salavatski Pomegranate is beautiful and healthy. Do you recommend any special care to help it through its first winter here in South Central PA?