Wrapping the fig tree for winter

Fig trees are subtropical trees, but they can grow successfully in cold climate if protected in winter. There are several methods to protecting the fig tree, Some growers bury the tree, some wrap it with different materials. If the tree is only a year or two old, it’s safer to bend the tree to the ground and cover it with mulch or other material, however as the tree matures it’s harder to bend down.This is a method that has worked for me successfully.

Fig varieties of the Middle East

Many researchers claim that the Middle East is the origin of Ficus Carica the common fig. Archeologists have discovered remains of fig trees in cultivation in Jordan valley tracing back to 4000 BC. There are hundreds of varieties in that region that deserves a lot of attention; the local agricultural departments have paid little attention to evaluate the different types of figs from that area.

Figs care guide

Figs are subtropical trees but they will adapt to different conditions. Immigrants brought fig trees to the northern part of United States and they found ways to grew it successfully in cold climate. Here are a few things that should be considered when planting figs in your garden, either in cold or a subtropical climate.

Pomegranates for cold climate

The Pomegranate is one of the most ancient fruit that is cultivated today. It is native to the Middle East and central Asia. It is considered a sub tropical fruit; however it is widely adaptable to many climates.

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