Persimmon varieties.

Asian Persimmons or Diospyros Kaki are very beautiful trees that bear delicious fruit. They are very common throughout Asia and subtropical areas. They are rarely seen growing in zone 6 or colder where temperatures fall below 0°F. Not all varieties are cold hardy in zone 6. We have planted several varieties in our garden.

Fruit from our garden

Fig varieties video

Tropical fruit paradise of Trinidad

What better destination for escaping the harsh winters of the Northeast than to a tropical island? I left Pennsylvania in late February with the snow up to my knees and temperatures way below freezing. I took an overnight flight from New Jersey lasting only five hours and awoke to a Trinidad sunrise, a welcome sight as I walked out of the airport into the warm morning breeze of the Caribbean Sea. So began my third visit to this tropical island, which to me is becoming a home away from home.

Sampling figs at UC Davis fig orchard

I visited the UC Davis fig orchard in Davis, California in Summer of 2010. I took some notes along with photos of varieties I've sampled while there. Figs behave differently in different climates. Also with the help of the fig wasp which is present at the UC Davis orchard some of these varieties will not bear fruit if grown in different part of the USA.

The Sycamore fig (Ficus Sycamorus)

The sycamore fig Ficus Sycamorus is native to the middle east and parts of Africa. The name sycomorus came from the Greek Syca-Morus Which means Mulberry fig. The leaves are similar in shape to mulberry and the fruit looks very similar to the common fig, except its smaller.

Whip and tongue Grafting

Whip and tongue is one of several methods of grafting. It is most commonly used when the rootstock and the scionwood are about the same size. This method can be used on all fruit trees.

Rooting softwood fig cuttings

Figs are commonly propagated by using dormant cuttings, however there are occasions when you come across a fig that I need to propagate in mid summer using softwood cuttings. Here’s the method I’ve been using and found successful.

Sun dried fig jam

It's winter and I really missed the taste of fresh figs. However I prepared for winter by drying some of my fresh figs from the garden. Here's a recipe of fig jam made with sun dried figs and walnuts.

Pawpaw, the delicious wild fruit

Pawpaw is the largest native fruit of North America, but it’s still not very well known. Pawpaw fruit vary in size, they can be as large as a Mango. They are Native to eastern United states and as far west as Michigan and south to Florida. The flavor resembles a mixture of mango, banana, and pineapple. It has a creamy texture. The flesh color varies from light orange to white.

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