Shipping season for fall 2016

As the weather is getting colder we will be taking orders for fall shipping until mid December. We are offering some plants and cuttings on eBay treesofjoy listings.



Fresh mulberry drink

It's the end of June and mulberry season is at its peak. Wild mulberry trees can be spotted everywhere, and they can be messy trees. Birds enjoy them and so do I. I have a few wild trees on our property as well as grafted types such as this "Illinois Everbearing". I enjoy the flavor of the mulberry specially those that have a good balance of sweet and tartness with that unique mulberry flavor. As a young boy I remember helping my mother gather mulberry fruit and make a delicious drink. Besides eating the mulberry fresh, I decided to try it for myself. 

Black walnut preserve

Black Walnut preserve

I adapted a recipe for English walnut preserve that is popular in Turkey and Greece. There are many variations to it. I have a few black walnut trees growing wild on my property and they are very common in the Northeast. 


we've moved!

As our passion for growing fruit trees grew, our collection of fruit trees have grown. We've moved to a bigger property near Bethlehem, Pa. 3 miles from our previous location. 

We've built a new greenhouse and planted a small orchard of pawpaw, persimmons, jujube, and figs. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Che fruit

We first learned about the Cudrania tricuspidata aka Che several years ago and decided to grow it. We planted a tree and after a few years we harvested a tasty crop. It is related to Osage Orange, Mulberry, and Figs.

The process of Caprification

Certain class of figs is referred to as a Smyrna type. It requires pollination by the fig wasp. The process of pollinating the figs is referred to as "Caprification". The fig wasp can only be found in the Mediterranean region, but in early 1900's it was imported to California from Turkey. 

Here's the common method used in Syria. 

What to do with all the unripe figs in the fall?

Make fig preserve with your unripe figs.  It is easy and delicious. Pick the unripe figs that have developed a decent size and discard the smaller ones. The unripe figs have a white sap that can irritate the skin, so handle with care.

Breba, the bonus figs crop

Fig trees bear an abundant crop starting mid August into fall, but many varieties also provide the grower with a bonus crop early in summer, this crop is called Breba. Breba (from the Spanish word Breva) is the fig produced on previous year’s wood. The breba crop varies from one variety to the other, some varieties produce a heavy crop of brebas, some only a few, and will only produce the main crop.

Plant hardiness zone

The new cold hardiness zone has been updated. You can check what zone you live in based on your zip code here.

Roasted figs with walnuts

Figs can be enjoyed anytime of the year. Here's a quick and easy recipe that is made with dried figs and stuffed walnuts. 

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